Pet Club: *~The Millet Lovers Club~*

All Birdies are welcome as long as you love millets! Parrots,Cockatiels, and Parakeets. None of use can be beat, because a millet is our favorite treat! GOOOO Millet! A video for all watching!

Event Schedule

Millet lovers's club picnic! Aug 19, 06 11:30AM

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A movie!
Posted by Boomer
4 Aug 20, 06 03:03AM
Posted by Boomer
11 Aug 19, 06 03:43PM
Hi Guys I have.......
Posted by
4 Aug 07, 06 02:39PM
Testing times.....
Posted by Boomer
3 Aug 02, 06 06:25AM
Clubs are coming back to life!
Posted by Boomer
0 Jul 28, 06 08:13PM
Posted by Boomer
3 Jun 30, 06 03:39PM
Posted by Lily
1 Jun 21, 06 01:48AM
Posted by Boomer
0 Jun 12, 06 02:59PM
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